5 Things for Leaders to Remember

I recently revisited a blog article from last summer, written by bestselling author and speaker Jon Gordon. In the article, Gordon shared five leadership lessons he learned from some highly successful organizations and teams.


I think these five lessons are essential for every leader to remember, so I am passing them on to you today:


  1. 1.    Be Real
  • Don’t just talk—connect. Be honest, authentic, transparent, and real with those whom you lead. “Leaders often think they have to act higher than thou but what people want is for them to be down to earth. The best thing you can do is be you. Be real and connect.”
  1. 2.    Know What You Stand For
  • Once you know what you stand for every decision you make is easy.”
  1. 3.    Live Your Values
  • Let everything you do be driven by your mission, purpose, and values. “After all, a mission statement is pointless unless your people are on a mission.
  1. 4.    Relationships Matter Most
  • Spend time with your team; connect with them. Get to know them as people and not just professionals. “You win in the locker room first and then you win in the field.
  1. 5.    Leadership is a Transfer of Belief
  • Believe, and inspire your team to believe. “Contagious belief and optimism [is] the engine that drives everything else.


Take these five lessons to heart and remember them—I guarantee they will aid in your success as a healthcare leader!


To read the full article by Jon Gordon, please click here.



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