A Crash Course on LEADERSHIP

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A recent issue was titled “A Crash Course on LEADERSHIP.” I believe the content of this issue is well worth sharing and also well worth serious thought and examination in the light of your leadership style and leadership actions and behaviors.


“The 10 most important words on Leadership: “What can I do to help you be more successful?”


The 9 most important words:

“I need you to do this, and here’s why…”


The 8 most important words:

“That’s my mistake and I will fix it.”


The 7 most important words:

“My door is always open to you.”


The 6 most important words:

“Let’s focus on solving the problem.”


The 5 most important words:

“You did a great job!”


The 4 most important words:

“What do YOU think?”


The 3 most important words:

“Follow my lead.”


The 2 most important words:

“Thank You.”


The MOST important word:



Although this relatively brief issue of The Leadership Solution Newsletter seems somewhat short and simple, its message and potential impact is powerful and life-changing for those leaders who apply its powerful message.


This “Crash Course on LEADERSHIP” would be an excellent discussion document for any healthcare organization team meeting and other session focused on improving personal, professional and organizational leadership.


What are the leadership words you and your team speak, and what are the leadership actions and behaviors you and your team exhibit, that daily convey your values and beliefs as to the most important words and actions relative to leadership?



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