Are You a Mature Leader?

In chapter 12 of his recent book titled, Sometimes You Win – Sometimes You Learn, John Maxwell writes the following:


“To me, a mature person [and leader] is someone who has learned from losses, has gained wisdom, and possesses a strong emotional and mental stability in the face of life’s difficulties.”


If you read this column regularly, and my other articles, blogs, books, etc., you know that I carefully read and study numerous best selling books each year. In my opinion, this book, and specifically chapter 12, is well worth the read. Every leader can quickly and directly relate to the important points, concepts, stories, and implications for better leadership and greater success.


In this chapter Maxwell does an excellent job of articulating some of the most important truths regarding the source of maturity. Via enduring principles, interesting stories, and true-life examples, he dedicates several pages to each of the following points:


Maturity is the result of


  1. Finding the Benefit in the Loss
  2. Learning to Feed the Right Emotions
  3. Learning to Develop Good Habits
  4. Learning to Sacrifice Today to Succeed Tomorrow
  5. Learning to Earn Respect for Yourself and Others


As I read and reread this chapter, and as I listened to it on Audible, I was reminded of many of the most important leadership and success principles, whether personal, professional, or organizational. I was also inspired to make notes regarding many areas in which I can and should improve. I’m betting that the same will be true for you!



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