Are You Creating Value Every Day?

Over the last three-years it was surprising to me to have seen some high-quality supply chain professionals (i.e., materials managers, value analysis managers and support staff) lose their jobs.  When I tried to understand and then analyze how this could have happened I could only come to one conclusion:  They didn’t create value every day in their management’s eyes! 

What I mean by this statement is that they didn’t make their management at every level acutely aware of their important contributions to their healthcare organization every day in every way.  Some people would call this boasting; I call this job security!

Here’s why?  Unless you can break through the clutter and noise that surrounds your healthcare organization’s communications, you will become unnoticed, unseen and invisible to your direct report and your hospital, system or IDN’s senior management.  If you let this happen through neglect, ineptitude or ignorance, then don’t be surprised when you, too, get a layoff notice in your mailbox.,

This visibility can be achieved by first preparing and submitting to your direct report an annual strategic plan for your department or function so your management has a baseline to monitor your contribution to your healthcare organization.  Your strategic plan doesn’t need to be long or complicated (a few typewritten pages will do the job), but it does need to be performance-based to include benchmarks, metrics and milestones so you can regularly report on your accomplishments. 

Second, you will need to prepare and submit to your direct report a monthly, quarterly and annual report based on the key elements of the strategic plan that you are committed too.  You would then report on your progress against the goals and objectives that you have outlined in your plan.  This will take some time but, trust me, it will be worth the effort!

Third, you will need to request a bi-weekly meeting with your direct report to review the challenges and opportunities that you are experiencing with your department or function and how you intent to resolve or capitalize on them. This way your boss won’t be wondering what you do all day, month and year.  He or she will know with certainty!

Lastly, you need to chair or be a member of as many committees and teams that your time will permit.  Why?  You need to be visibly and actively contributing to your healthcare organization’s wellbeing and financial health.  Everyone in your organization should know your name! 

A few of my readers might say that what I just proposed is manipulative and calculating, but I beg to differ with you. It’s called public relations:  Getting the word out on the value you are bringing to your healthcare organization.  Otherwise, how would your direct report and senior management know that you are creating value every day, week, month and year?  Just remember that they aren’t mind readers!


Robert T Yokl

Chief Value Strategist

Strategic Value Analysis® in Healthcare

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