I need a compressor

By James N. Phillips Jr.   One day an internal customer came to me and exclaimed that they needed a compressor. Much like Ralph in the movie A Christmas Story, when Santa offered him a football, Ralph replied, “Football, what’s a … [Read more...]

Leadership: What Are You Becoming?

“What are you becoming?” This is a critical question every leader should frequently ask him or herself—and answer in detail. This is also a question every leader should frequently ask each and every direct report and team member.   Not … [Read more...]

Leadership Relative to Problems

As leaders, we are constantly coaching, teaching, and influencing those whom we are privileged to lead. Leadership is very serious business! Your leadership will have a long-lasting positive or negative impact on each person and each organization you … [Read more...]

Adversity: The Catalyst For Learning

"Most of the time we don't choose our adversity, but all of the time we can choose our response to it."     John Maxwell wrote this powerful statement of truth in his latest book, Sometimes You Win – Sometimes You Learn. How true it is … [Read more...]

Great Leadership Requires a Teachable Spirit

In chapter 7 of his recently published book titled Sometimes You Win – Sometimes You Learn, John Maxwell addresses the critical importance of a teachable spirit and a consistent, lifelong personal and professional attitude of … [Read more...]

Project management and the supply chain

Supply chain at Texas Health Resources has been a centralized, corporate function since 2001, explained Shaun Clinton, senior director, acute care services, supply chain management. At the Market Insights conference, Clinton shared some of the … [Read more...]

Leaders Are Dealers In Hope

Former cabinet member John W. Gardner said, “The first and last task of a leader is to keep hope alive—the hope that we can finally find our way through to a better world—despite the day's action, despite our own inertness, shallowness, and wavering … [Read more...]

Market Insights: Imperatives for providers

Given the new market realities, provider-based regional coalitions will need to heed five imperatives, said Geoffrey Brenner, president, Texas Purchasing Coalition.   Growth. “For TPC, growth used to be a luxury,” he said. “Now it’s … [Read more...]

The Focus of Your Learning

What is the focus of your learning? Think about it carefully. As a human being and as a leader, what is the focus of your learning?   In chapter 5 of his recently published book titled Sometimes You Win – Sometimes You Learn, John Maxwell … [Read more...]

Steering patients to lower-price hospitals prompts others to lower prices

From the latest issue of The Journal of Healthcare Contracting:   Along with steering patients to lower-price hospitals, a California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) reference pricing initiative motivated other hospitals to … [Read more...]