Leaders: Are You All In?

It was my honor recently to serve as facilitator for a day of important discussion among a group of 10 hospital and health system CEOs. Over the years, these CEOs have developed significant trust. They clearly understand the immense and enduring … [Read more...]

Leaders: Which People Are Worthy of Your Respect?

I learn a lot by watching the people around me. I have long been a people-watcher, and I’ve discovered that not only do I learn something about each person I watch, but I also learn something about the people around them. And often, I even learn … [Read more...]

Improving Your Soft, High-Flexibility Leadership Skills

In his book The Little Book Of Talent: 52 Tips For Improving Your Skills, Daniel Coyle discusses ‘hard, high-precision skills’ versus ‘soft, high-flexibility skills.’   According to Coyle, hard, high-precision skills "have one path to an … [Read more...]

A leadership lesson Sam Walton would love

Tip number six in Daniel Coyle's book, The Little Book of Talent, is "Choose Spartan Over Luxurious." Coyle correctly explains that we love comfort—state-of-the-art practice facilities, oak-paneled corner offices, expensive fluffy towels, and all … [Read more...]

How Do You and Your Leaders Interpret Mistakes?

As a leader, your job, your responsibility, your priority is not to manage nor accept the status quo. Your job, your responsibility, your priority is to personally exemplify continuous improvement and to create and maintain a culture that encourages … [Read more...]

Critical Characteristics For A Personal, Professional And Organizational Growth Environment

A couple of years out of high school, I had a job that I absolutely hated. The environment was everything a personal, professional, and organizational development and growth environment should not be!   I did not stay long, but long enough … [Read more...]

Aristotle on Excellence

I love penetrating, thought-provoking, high-impact quotations. I constantly look for them, save them, and share them via my websites, articles, books, and presentations.   In my opinion, it is hard to find a more penetrating, … [Read more...]

Leadership: Power for What?

Many people want—even crave—to be leaders so that they can and will have “power over people.” Many leaders want to advance further up the leadership chain of command so that they will have ever-increasing power over people. Power, particularly … [Read more...]

The People You Lead

In the book titled Difference: The One-Page Method for Reimagining Your Business and Reinventing Your Marketing, author Bernadette Jiwa focuses on thinking differently and being a ‘difference thinker’ in order to create totally new programs, products … [Read more...]

Leadership: Difference Thinkers

In the midst of significant change throughout America's healthcare system, I can think of no better time to read and study the recently published book by Bernadette Jiwa titled Difference: The One-Page Method for Reimagining Your Business and … [Read more...]