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To the Editor:

Since I am a true believer when it comes to value analysis and customer-based contracting, I read with interest the article on “The new face of value analysis” (December 2011 Journal of Healthcare Contracting). I found the article to be thoughtful and on point, and I am impressed with how the concept is being improved.

However, I was disappointed that in mentioning the history of value analysis, there was no mention of Bill McFaul and McFaul & Lyons. The claim to who originally brought value analysis to the healthcare industry may belong to more than one person or firm, in the same way that two people invented the lightbulb and television. Maybe a better comparison is the lean concept, which has been brought into our industry through a variety of ways. However, McFaul & Lyons should be given credit for spreading the idea further and wider than anyone else and laying the foundation that others are building on today.

I think Bill McFaul would agree that the model has been improved upon by others over the last decade, much like the improvements in lightbulbs, televisions and lean concepts. But Mr. McFaul should be given credit where credit is due. In my opinion, he is clearly the father of value analysis in the healthcare provider industry.

Joe Colonna
Vice President Supply Chain
Piedmont Healthcare
Atlanta, Ga.

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