Essential Commitments for Leadership

In a recent article focused on Essential Commitments for Leadership, Rick Warren, the best selling author of The Purpose Driven Life wrote the following:

“Leaders are always defined by self-imposed standards.  I’m not talking about standards set by other people, but standards they set for themselves.  Great leaders always expect more from themselves than they do from their followers.  They put forth more effort as well.  That’s leadership.”

In the article, Warren lists a number of “vows” he believes leaders must make and consistently live in order to be most effective as leaders.  Five of those vows are:

1.    Vow to maintain integrity

2.    Vow to forgive those who hurt you

3.    Vow to be an encourager

4.    Vow to be a peacemaker

5.    Vow to never stop growing

This is excellent advice for all leaders, including all healthcare leaders!

Think of the dramatic cumulative impact on your life, your leadership, your effectiveness and your positive impact on the lives of others if you are consistently focused on and improving in critical areas of your life and leadership.  Critical areas such as integrity, forgiveness, encouragement and building people up, being a peacemaker wherever you are and wherever you go, and maintaining an unrelenting commitment to never, never, never stop growing and improving in service to others.

Don’t just make the vows or nod your head in agreement.  Live the vows and track your progress.

  1. Vow to maintain integrity
  2. Vow to forgive those who hurt you.
  3. Vow to be an encourager
  4. Vow to be a peacemaker
  5. Vow to never stop growing


Excellent advice from a world-class author and leader!

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