Future Supply Chain Leaders

Meet tomorrow’s supply chain leaders. Earlier this year, the Journal of Healthcare Contracting asked for nominations of young people with the energy, dedication and courage to shape tomorrow’s healthcare supply chain. As you can see, the supply chain will be in good hands.

Bill Selles
Director of supply chain sourcing
Spectrum Health
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Nomination submitted by Randy Sportel, senior project specialist, Spectrum Health:

Bill has been in his role since February 2017 and has made numerous upgrades within the Sourcing Department. Bill brings supply chain experience from both outside of healthcare (Target) and also from the healthcare insurance industry (Priority Health). Bill has increased staff engagement through a number of process improvement events, including streamlining the contracting/legal process flow, increasing the number of master contracts in development, decreasing non-value add processes, and increasing the education offerings for staff – such as Michigan State negotiation seminars – on the Spectrum Health premises. Bill has also worked with the major spend departments to be more deeply engaged in the budget and contracting processes to effectively align departments with Supply Chain for decreasing costs for our new fiscal year.

Cody Williams
Supply chain director
Brookings Health System
Brookings, South Dakota

Nomination submitted by Christi Wilts, receiving/distribution clerk, Brookings Health System:

Cody has changed the way the hospital operates by implementing an electronic requisitioning program as well as the two bins/Kanban system. Hospitalwide, staff – especially nurses – have had more time to focus on patient quality of care, knowing all of their needed supplies will be there. Departments know that if they need anything, Cody is approachable and can be depended on to get the task done. Cody has also changed the culture and morale with his outgoing and energetic personality. He is a smart and effective young leader who makes work fun. FYI: Cody just completed the Lean Horse 100 Mile Race Course in Custer, South Dakota.

David Forbes
Director of contracting
Mercy Health Services
Baltimore, Maryland

Nomination submitted by Jack Medkeff, vice president operations/supply chain, Mercy Health Services:

As a consultant to Mercy, in 2011, David successfully brought together a disparate group of physicians and administrators, and created a business process that lives to this day. Later, when he became director of contracting for Mercy, he proved to be a quick study, learning the concepts of contract law, and he had the appetite and energy to take on industry giants as well as the various medical specialty vendors. Mercy writes the great majority of its agreements, thus agreement terms must be able to stand the test of the courts. David presently has a stable of about $400 million worth of supply, software, lease, service and consulting agreements in his portfolio. Accumulated savings well exceed $10 million over the past few years. He has been a featured speaker at several regional and national conferences on topics covering contracting principals, the need for accurate supply data, and advanced techniques for maximizing healthcare supply chain information system data collection. He is pursuing his MBA from Loyola University.

Eric Tritch
Executive director, strategic sourcing, supply chain
University of Chicago Medicine
Chicago, Illinois

Nomination submitted by Kevin Markech, regional client executive, Vizient:

Eric shows a consistent progression in an ever-changing healthcare environment. As a leader of one of the most exceptional hospital supply chain teams, Eric leads by example and pushes his team not only for results but to integrate themselves throughout the health system. Eric and his team are well respected by clinical leaders and have gained trust, allowing the clinical teams to focus on patient care while Eric and his team ensure the right products are on contract at the most competitive price and available for the end users. Eric participates in various councils, task forces, and is often sought for his strategic insight. Many hospitals I work with want to know what the University of Chicago Medicine (UCM) is doing and how they are doing it. Eric is always open to knowledge-sharing with peers and does so through conferences, phone calls and site tours at UCM. Eric is at the forefront of technology and will make the right investments to bring forth speed and efficiency to their process. He wears many hats and has most recently taken on responsibility to build out a network affiliate program for the UCM Supply Chain. I have been in some of those conversations with other hospitals and they are always impressed with the high level of expertise that Eric and his team display.

Jessica Campbell
Contract coordinator, supply chain
BJC HealthCare
St. Louis, Mo.

Nomination submitted by Kelly Bouckaert, sourcing manager, BJC HealthCare:

Jessica has come into our Sourcing group with enthusiasm, energy, and a wonderful work ethic. From day one, she was looking to work hard and have an impact. When I would give her a project or task, she would not only complete it quickly and accurately, she would dig deeper and really learn and understand what she was doing and why. She is extremely analytical, which is valuable in a Sourcing role that supports 15 hospitals. She is able to review and/or create data and see trends, value, and make assessments from this data that are very accurate and concise. She has a good eye for pointing out discrepancies or areas to pay attention to. Jessica works well with everyone, and in her young career, really understands how to work with all levels of management in a respectful and professional manner. She takes constructive feedback well, and learns from it. She learns and understands her portfolios to the best of her ability, allowing her to speak to it precisely, and she is always able to answer questions from senior leadership without hesitation. She shows that she enjoys her job, and her positive attitude and outlook on work is contagious to others around her. Jessica just started the BJC MBA Cohort through Webster University, again demonstrating her drive and willingness to learn and continue developing into a future leader.

Lee Dubois
National director, purchase services
Tenet Healthcare Corp.
Dallas, Texas

Nomination submitted by Robert Hines, director of national accounts, Angelica:

Lee is not only a future supply chain leader; he is going to be an innovator in segments of healthcare that need a refreshing new look/view. He has been tasked with several major contracts and initiatives for Tenet Nationwide. I worked with Lee as a supplier on a specific Tenet initiative regarding consolidation of linen and laundry vendors. Lee worked diligently and quickly through a process that normally takes two to three times longer to complete, with an end result of gaining nationwide savings for all Tenet locations. His industry knowledge and ability to direct the process are a true testament to his abilities now and in what the future will bring.

Matthew Almeida
Manager, SCC warehouse
Sentara Healthcare
Norfolk, Virginia

Nomination submitted by Robert H. Saunders, Director materials management, logistics administration, Sentara Healthcare:

Without question, Matt Almeida is a “Future Supply Chain Leader of 2017.” In July 2014, he began his Sentara Healthcare career in Supply Chain Customer Service. During that time, Matt demonstrated his leadership skills and was soon promoted to warehouse manager of second shift picking operations. He quickly mastered the Lucas Pick-to-Voice technology, along with the IRMS WMS, and began to drill down on productivity and fill ratios. Under his leadership, fill rates moved well into the 99 percent range. Matt is currently managing our day shift operations and has been instrumental in focusing on receiving accuracies. He also serves as a team member for our DNV ISO9001 accreditation. Matt is the “Future Supply Chain Leader.”

Mercedes Flores
System director, International Supply Chain
Irving, Texas

Nomination submitted by Tony Scanio, MBA, CGBP, director, data management & business intelligence, International Operations;and David Burboa, director, logistics & operations, International Operations, CHRISTUS Health:

Mercedes utilizes her vast, diverse background in a variety of industries to obtain outstanding results in the International Supply Chain for CHRISTUS Health. Never afraid to change the status quo, she is leading positive change throughout the international supply chains of CHRISTUS Health in Chile, Colombia and Mexico, while navigating distinct cultures, regulatory environments, and logistical and purchasing models. In her time with CHRISTUS, this includes significant hard dollar savings, important efficiency improvements, better personnel management, and improved communication and decision-making with clinical staff.

Sara Henderson
Executive director, sourcing and procurement
Avera Health
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Nomination submitted by Steve Huckabaa, vice president supply chain, Avera Health:

Coming to corporate supply chain in May 2014 after 10 years in finance, Sara tackled our item master by leading a virtual rewrite of our new MEDITECH platform, consolidating eight healthcare information systems into one. She persuaded finance and surgery constituents to align 11 reporting modules into our item master, creating a single source of truth. She organized a major shift from our Value Analysis Team to Evidence & Value Committee with physician engagement. She is leading our $13 million systemwide savings initiative. She presented “Patient Charge and Revenue Management within Supply Chain” at the Spring SMI Forum with rave reviews and request for nationwide webinar.

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