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We are in a series discussing and learning from the recently published book titled Great Leaders Grow: Becoming a Leader for Life. The book, authored by Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller is available wherever best selling books are sold. The book is directly applicable to any person who desires to become a more effective healthcare leader. For your convenience, the previous five articles in this series can be found at:


Debbie, Blake’s mentor, explains her strong belief that great leaders purposefully choose to grow in four critical areas. Debbie suggests that she and Blake discuss each of the four areas and that Blake then “try them out, one by one,” in his new job. In other words, test them in the real world.


After Blake eagerly agrees, Debbie continues:


“The first and perhaps the most obvious is that you must decide to Gain Knowledge.


  • If you are going to maximize your own growth as a leader, you need to start with yourself. Think of this as gaining self-knowledge. You will need a very high self-awareness.


  • Next, you need to gain knowledge about the others you want to lead – as a group and individuals.


  • Next, you need to gain knowledge of your industry.


  • Finally, leaders need to constantly gain knowledge in the field of leadership.”



The chapter titled Gaining Knowledge provides excellent discussion and penetrating questions to ask yourself and your colleagues regarding each of these four critical areas for gaining knowledge. I recommend that you read and carefully study this important chapter. Even better, read and study this chapter with your team.


Debbie concludes by saying, “To consistently gain knowledge as a leader, we’ve got to focus on growing ourselves.”


You are a leader. Are you encouraging, assisting and rewarding leaders within your organization, (remember that everyone is a leader), to consistently gain additional self-knowledge, knowledge about others, knowledge about your industry, and knowledge in the field of leadership?


In order to attain your full personal, professional and organizational potential, you and your colleagues must purposefully and consistently Gain Knowledge. 


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