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It was my honor to recently conduct a wide-ranging, one-on-one interview with Geoff Brenner, President & CEO of Healthcare Coalition of Texas. The following is a portion of one of several articles published on the America’s Healthcare Leaders website as a result of that interview. To read this and related articles in their entirety, please visit


Geoff Brenner has been at the helm of Healthcare Coalition of Texas (HCT)—formerly known as VHA Texas and VHA Southwest—as the President and CEO since 2008. Prior to becoming President and CEO, Brenner served as Senior Vice President and Vice President of Business Development, and before that served at VHA, Inc. and MD Buyline. In addition to leading HCT, Brenner serves as the President of Texas Purchasing Coalition (a 2010 HCT spinoff), Chairman of the board of Southwest Insurance Services (a wholly-owned HCT subsidiary) and sits on multiple boards.


Brenner has great passion for the healthcare industry, which he explains is anchored in the experience of having been a patient himself.  “It’s one thing to be a professional within a particular industry, and it’s a whole other experience to work from the vantage point of having been on the receiving end of that industry. What brought the experience alive for me, where I found great passion for this industry, was when I became a patient and had to navigate the system myself.” In his early 30s, doctors found a mass on Brenner’s thyroid and he had it surgically removed.


“As I said goodbye to my family and settled into a wheelchair to be pushed toward the operating room, it was then that the gravity of the situation really hit me…


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