Healthcare Leadership: Achieving Success … Together

Steve Ventura is author of The Leadership Solution, which is published by  Ventura recently wrote a short, but powerful message entitled, How to Achieve Success … Together.


This short article would make an excellent discussion piece for any team wanting to maintain success and become even more successful.  I suggest you simply share Ventura’s brief article with each member of your team.  Ask each team member to come to your next team meeting prepared to discuss each of the critical points in the article.  Then simply ask each and every member of your team to honestly and openly share their perspective as to whether your team, both individually and collectively, truly live and model the five critical commitments.  Also ask, “what, specifically, can we improve?”

Ventura’s brief article is as follows:


Effective teams understand that teamwork is a behavioral issue.  Team members recognize that their success is inextricably linked with one another, and they act accordingly.  And so must you!


But there are effective teams and then there are “FIVE STAR” teams – the best of the best.  What separates them?  This answer is Commitment.  More precisely, it’s five commitments.  And they are:


1.   Be Committed to … EACH OTHER

2.   Be Committed to … THE MISSION

3.   Be Committed to … THE CUSTOMER

4.   Be Committed to … RESOLVING CONFLICTS

5.   Be Committed to … THE DETAILS

Excellent discussion points for your next team meeting!  And then of course, do something to improve each of the five critical commitments. 


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