Healthcare Leadership: Deliver on Your Promises

It was my privelege to speak and lead a discussion last week with the leadership of one of Morrison Management Specialists’ very successful healthcare divisions.  The division is led by Jack Lawless, an outstanding inspirational leader.  Jack is a true professional in every sense of the word. 

Morrison serves approximately 460 acute care clients and 370 senior living clients in 41 states including some of the largest and most prominent integrated healthcare systems and senior living communities in the United States.

The theme of the meeting was “STEP UP,” which accurately reflects and reinforces Morrison’s culture and promise to their customers.  The Morrion people are amazing.  They treat each other and their customers and clients with respect, dignity, integrity and transparency.  Their culture and way of doing business is firmly rooted in a foundation of personal and professional accountability.  They delight in Stepping Up… in being fully accountable for what they promise and what they deliver.

Two examples:

  • Morrison associates introduce themselves with a big smile while saying, “I am Morrison.”  They understand that on an hourly and daily basis, they not only represent Morrison… they are Morrison.


  • Morrison associates will proudly tell you that “Great service starts here!”  Each Morrison associate understands that he or she is responsible for great service.  At Morrison, great service is not the job of someone else… “Great service starts here… with me!  I am accountable for starting and following through with great service.  It is my responsibility.  I am accountable.  Great service starts here… with and through me!”


No wonder Morrison has nearly a 98% customer retention rate in a very competitive business.  No wonder Morrison is profitable and maintains a strong and healthy growth rate.

People and organizations of all kinds want to do business with people and organizations that are accountable.  People want to do business with people who are eager to Step Up and proudly announce, “I am the company.  Great service starts with me.  I am and I will be accountable.  We deliver on our promises.  We encourage all customers, clients and business partners to hold us accountable.” 

What about your hospital or healthcare organization?  Do the people within your organization Step Up?  Do the eagerly seek and accept full accountability?  Do they deliver on their promises and the promises of your healthcare organization?

If you want your people and your organization to more proactively Step Up, to be more accountable, and to better and more consistenly deliver on their promises and the promises of your organizaion, I suggest you take a look at the Morrison website at  I am betting you will leave the website with several great ideas for enhancing the effectiveness and leadership of your organization.

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