Healthcare Leadership: On Attitude and Making a Difference

I was recently privileged to conduct an extensive, 1-on-1interview with Mike Williams, President and CEO of Community Hospital Corporation (CHC). Based in Plano, Texas, CHC offers practical solutions for community hospitals to help improve effectiveness, efficiency, quality, and financial stability, while preserving and protecting community control of the hospital.


In response to a question about what he enjoys most about his position at CHC, Williams said, “Being able to make a difference.” He explained that this attitude helps him to personally make a difference daily as he engages others, and helps CHC make a difference every day by serving hospitals and their communities.


“It’s like a beam of light to the industry that says you can make a difference, you can have an improved bottom line, you can have improved quality outcomes, all while honoring your mission and serving others.”


In addition to spoiling his grandkids, Williams’ hobbies include gardening, reading, walking, and Alabama football. The proud University of Alabama alumnus said, “I take my grandson to one game a year, and he now knows the fight song and all the cheers. I’m just trying to instill in him at an early age the benefits of public education in the state of Alabama!”


Williams fondly remembered his first paid job as a teenager, working as a short order cook at a lunch spot in a Mobile, Alabama mall: “I cleaned grease traps and fried French fries, anything I was asked to do. It was fun,” said Williams, adding,


“Any job you have, your enjoyment out of it is about your attitude surrounding it. If you’ve got a great attitude, you can make what some people might think is the worst job in the world enjoyable. It’s all about a good attitude.”


What about you?


Is your leadership all about attitude and truly making a significant difference? Or like so many leaders throughout America and around the world, is your leadership all about you and what’s in it for you?


Leadership is about relationships and influence. Quality time spent evaluating and reevaluating your relationships and influence is one of the very best investments you will ever make.


Mike Williams is absolutely correct.  Leadership – and all of life for that matter – is all about, “A good attitude and being able to make a difference.” In the end, little else matters!


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