Healthcare Leadership: The Right Opportunity

The December 2011 Harvard Business Review features an article (pages 43-46) written by Mindy Grossman.  Grossman has enjoyed unusual success in senior leadership positions at several companies.  She recently reinvented the HSN brand, turned the company around, and has very successfully re-engaged the workforce of this $3 billion company.

In the article, Grossman explains that she was ready to move from her successful tenure at her previous company.  She was ready to take on the CEO role, but was in no hurry… it had to be the right opportunity and right company for her.  

So, she proactively developed a listing of exactly what she was looking for in terms of her next professional opportunity and company.  She then sent the listing to appropriate recruiters across America.  Six months later the phone rang and she was presented with a great “fit and opportunity.”

In order to gain broader experience and perspective, and in order to assume more responsible roles, particularly within desired time frames, most healthcare leaders must move to other organizations.  It’s simply reality.  And, for the most part, moving to and experiencing other organizations is healthy for all concerned.

Mindy Grossman’s decision and action is one that would positively serve most healthcare leaders!  

Just a Grossman did, I suggest you carefully and thoughtfully develop a listing of exactly what you feel would be the next right match for you… given the current stage of your career and life.  Take this task seriously… you may very well be presented with exactly what you asked for!

Send your list to appropriate recruiters across America.  Then, continue to focus on leadership excellence within your current position and organization.

Without ever proactively “looking for or seeking other opportunities,” if you are leading with excellence and adding significant value where you are, the phone will ring.

You are in no hurry.  You are doing very well right where you are…. which is exactly what the best organizations and best recruiters are looking for.

Develop the list and send it to appropriate recruiters.  Then get back to work, lead with excellence and do a great job… the phone will ring and the right opportunity will find you!     

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