Healthcare Leadership: Your Unwavering Leadership Expectation

Here is some excellent leadership advice from a highly successful leader at world-renowned National Geographic.  It is applicable to every healthcare leader in the world.

Meet with each member of your team, both individually and collectively, and empower them by empahatically and sincerely stating:

            “You don’t have to prove yourself, not to me, or to the other members of our team.  What I do demand that you do is improve yourself.  Every day, strive to be a better (leader, clinician, or whatever title or discription is appropriate for each individual member of your team).

            And everything you learn, share it openly with the other members of our team.

            Improve and share; if you do that, you’ll do fine.  If not, you won’t work here long.”

Then practice what you preach by carefully and consistently living and leading this empowing leadership philosophy and style.  Incorporate this powerful way of leading into all of your leadership activities and responsibilities.  Repeat it and live it.. over and over and over.

Virually no other leadership style or philosophy will have a greater positive impact on (1) the lives of those you lead, (2) the organizations in which you lead and (3) your own life, success and legacy.

Be certain that members of your team, both individually and collectively, clearly understand your unwavering expectation… yes, your demand for now and for the future.

“Don’t prove yourself; improve yourself – and then share it.”    


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