Strengths-Based Improvement and Achievement

I have always believed that there is far more to gain from focusing on and leveraging your strengths than fixating on and continually trying to fix your weaknesses.

Have you ever experienced a performance review where your supervisor spent the first five minutes acknowledging and praising your strengths and what you’ve done right, then spent the next forty-five minutes discussing your weaknesses or what you’ve done wrong and how you should change? If that sounds familiar, you are certainly not alone.

Sadly, many leaders are overly concerned with identifying and actively trying to fix the weaknesses of their direct reports and their team. Instead of focusing on, building up and inspiring each direct report and team to maximize and leverage the areas in which they already excel, these leaders – often inadvertently – tear down and discourage direct reports and team members by constantly reminding them of their weaknesses and failings.

Think about it. The most successful leaders in America and throughout the world have weaknesses. They all have many weaknesses! What has made them highly successful, world-class leaders and achievers? They focus on and leverage their strengths! Their strengths become so pervasive, so powerful, so overwhelming that we rarely even notice their weaknesses. Their strengths are the vehicle that transports them to the achievement of their most important dreams and goals.

Obviously, some weaknesses shouldn’t be ignored, and there is definitely a time and a place for constructive criticism and improvement. But as a leader, if you truly want your team and organization to improve and excel, strengths-based focus and improvement will win over a weaknesses-based focus and improvement any day and every day!

Identify, cultivate, complement, improve and leverage the strengths of your team and organization. I guarantee you will be amazed at the
incredible benefits and ROI!


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Dan Nielsen
About Dan Nielsen Dan Nielsen is the author of the books Presidential Leadership (2013) and Be An Inspirational Leader (2016). He regularly writes and speaks on the topics of Leadership Excellence and Achieving Greater Success, and is available to deliver keynote presentations or facilitate discussions for your organization. For more info, please visit or email Dan at

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