Healthcare Supplier/Provider Institute Meeting Purchasing Coalition panel

Don’t miss the Purchasing Coalition panel at the Upcoming Healthcare Supplier/Provider Institute meeting, October 29 – 30, 2013 in Dallas, Texas. Panelists include: Geoffrey Brenner, president and CEO at Healthcare Coalition of Texas (Plano, TX); Bob Simpson, president and CEO of LeeSar (Cooperative Services of Florida) (Fort Meyers, FL); Tim Bugg, SVP of group purchasing at WNC Health Network (Asheville, NC); and Robin Lincoln, director of group purchasing at WNC Health Network. They will each share the challenges and issues they experience in today’s healthcare environment. They will focus their comments on:

• The compelling value their coalition brings to their hospitals/members

• Their coalition’s unique DNA and why their model is successful

• The GPO’s role in the coalition

• How they most effectively work together with suppliers

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