Leaders Are Dealers In Hope

Former cabinet member John W. Gardner said, “The first and last task of a leader is to keep hope alive—the hope that we can finally find our way through to a better world—despite the day’s action, despite our own inertness, shallowness, and wavering resolve.”


Create, nurture, and keep hope alive—this is a universal leadership principle and mandate. Without hope, effective leadership and progress is impossible.


The great general Napoleon said, “Leaders are dealers in hope.”


I like that statement. I hope you remember it and apply it every day throughout all of your leadership activities and responsibilities. LEADERS ARE INDEED DEALERS IN HOPE!


In chapter 6 of his latest book titled Sometimes You Win – Sometimes You Learn, John Maxwell writes, “If a leader helps people believe the impossible is possible, it makes the impossible probable.” As a leader, that is your job—to make the impossible probable. 


Lead, model, and teach those you influence to embrace hope. Doing so will engage, inspire, and empower them, you, and the organization you lead!


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