Leadership Strengths: Confident, Courageous, and Resilient

Had his peers fully understood the extent of his limitations, few would have expected him to attempt what he did. None would have blamed him if he hadn’t even tried. But he wasn’t a man to back down from a challenge. He realized that the odds were stacked against him and enormous obstacles stood in his way, but he pressed on with confidence and courage.


He had proven his resilience and determination over the past eleven years. Not many would have had the determination and perseverance to accomplish what he did in the face of such adversity. Now the odds were even higher; in addition to the personal hardships he had fought so hard to overcome, the goal he now pursued was as perilous as it was attractive. Achieving it would mean even greater challenges, bigger risks, and a longer fall if he failed down the road.


Despite all that stood in his way, he pressed on. Regardless of appearances, he knew he had what it took to do the job. His confidence was grounded not in his ego, but in his unique experiences and background. So with courage and determination, he continued. And on November 8, 1932, the American people rallied behind his lead, electing Franklin D. Roosevelt to the first of four consecutive terms as president of the United States.


Confident, courageous and resilient leaders are both decisive and resolute. These leaders possess a willingness to accept risk, endure consequences, and withstand opposition. Leaders with confidence, courage and resilience are able to make and stand behind difficult decisions, pressing on with determination in the face of adversity.


Inspiring hope and confidence in those whom they lead, these leaders assert firm and steady authority and are able to rally their people together toward a common cause in the midst of adversity or uncertainty.


How about you, do you lead with confidence, courage, and resilience? How can you improve and leverage your own strengths in order to become such a leader? By leveraging and applying your leadership strengths, you can become an even more effective leader who:


  • Is decisive and resolute
  • Is willing to accept risk and endure consequences
  • Is able to make difficult decisions and withstand opposition
  • Inspires hope and confidence in those you lead



This is the fifth in a series of eight articles highlighting important leadership strengths demonstrated by some of the world’s most powerful and influential leaders—former United States Presidents. I feature these same strengths in my inspirational presentation, Presidential Leadership, designed to encourage and equip participants to identify, leverage, and apply their own leadership strengths. Please stay tuned as we look at three more areas of leadership strengths in the weeks to come!



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