Learning Determines Your Capacity to Lead

We are in a series discussing and learning from the recently published book titled Great Leaders Grow: Becoming a Leader for Life. The book, authored by Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller is available wherever best selling books are sold. The book is directly applicable to any person who desires to become a more effective healthcare leader. For your convenience, the previous three articles in this series can be found at: http://healthcareleadership.dannielsencompany.com/


Blake has successfully made it through several interviews and has now been invited to an interview with the president of the company.


Even though he is understandably nervous and carefully chooses his responses, comments and questions, Blake ventures to ask the company president, “I see by the books you have here that you like to read. Why do you keep learning as a leader?” The president responds with three reasons:


“First, I believe that my capacity to learn determines my capacity to lead. If I stop learning, I stop leading. I also believe that each of us has a stewardship responsibility to maximize the talents and gifts that have been entrusted to us. If I am not learning and growing, it will be impossible to leverage my talents. I suppose I also believe the old saying, ‘the speed of the leader is the speed of the team.’ If I’m not growing, there’s no way to expect others to grow.”


How about your leadership style and effectiveness?


  • Do you lead with the clear understanding that your capacity to learn determines your capacity to lead?


  • Do you lead with a clear and conscious understanding of the talents and gifts that have been entrusted to you?


  • Do you lead clearly understanding that your speed, as the leader, will be the speed of the team?


Your capacity to learn determines your capacity to lead. If you stop learning, you will quickly stop leading!


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