Lesson for Leaders: Build Cornerstones of Confidence

The Harvard Business Review recently published an article that is particularly germane to healthcare organizations and healthcare leaders during this time of “healthcare reform” and a seemingly “new normal,” much slower and weaker economy.

A huge title wave of negativity and pessimism has engulfed healthcare, maybe more appropriately described as a tsunami.  Although some healthcare leaders and organizations remain upbeat and confident, many are living, leading and operating with a transparent and influential attitude of gloom and doom.  

In the Harvard Business Review article titled Cultivate a Culture Of Confidence, Rosabeth Moss Kanter reminds us that even the best companies, the most-accomplished professionals, the best environments, and the best economies long track records of success are punctuated by slips, slide, and mini-turnarounds.

Kanter suggests that readers “consider the pathologies of losing.  Losing produces temptations to behave in ways that make it hard to recover fast enough – and could even make the situation worse.”  She lists a number of examples.

Kanter then writes that “the culture and support system that surrounds high performers helps them avoid these temptations.  They can put troubles in perspective because they are ready for them.  They rehearse through diligent practice and preparation; they remain disciplined and professional.  Their leaders put facts on the table and review what went right or wrong in the last round, in order to shore up strengths and pinpoint weaknesses and to encourage personal responsibility for actions.  They stress collaboration and teamwork – common goals; commitment to a joint vision; respect and support for team members – and responsibility for mentoring, so the best performers lift everyone’s capabilities.  They seek creative ideas for improvement and innovation, favoring widespread dialogue and brainstorming.”

Real winners, regardless of the shifting environment, healthcare reform, new normal, or whatever the circumstances, Build Cornerstones of Confidence and Cultivate a Culture of Confidence.

Take a close look at your attitudes and leadership.  Are you Building Cornerstones of Confidence and do you consistently Cultivate and Culture of Confidence?  

Even the best can improve, so lets get to it.    

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