Listen, Learn, THEN Lead

As a leader, you likely spend a lot of time talking, teaching, training, delegating, and making decisions. That’s what you do, that’s what leading is about.


But in order to lead effectively, leaders must start by listening. As author and speaker John Maxwell says, “Listening is the foundation for all leadership decisions.”


In order to know what to do and where to lead, you must first listen. You cannot learn unless you listen, and it is critical that leaders continually invest in learning.


“Leaders listen, leaders learn, and then leaders lead. Listening comes first. Only after we listen and we learn are we qualified to lead.”

– John Maxwell


How about you, have you been listening lately? Have you been learning lately? Or have you been trying to lead without doing either? Stop. Listen. Learn. THEN lead!


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  1. So simple. Yet so true. Too many “leaders” say they are listening, but by their actions (which speak louder than words) really are not. This is a good reminder for all of us inleadership positions and it also is important in our personal lives in dealing with our children.

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