Nielsen: Hire Leaders … Regardless of the Position You are Filling

Ken Blanchard, the prolific best-selling author is paid big bucks to speak to people and organizations all over the world. In his latest book, Blanchard writes:

“When I ask groups of managers, ‘How many of you think you are a leader?’ fewer than a third of them raise their hands.”

Imagine that! Less than a third of them raise their hands. Many of these people are managers within some of the largest and best known organizations in the world. Yet, they do not think of themselves as leaders! Those who do not raise their hands are obviously not encouraged, empowered nor expected to be leaders. In fact, most are probably encouraged and expected to follow and to do as they are told rather than lead.

What a shame and how very unfortunate and limiting.

Blanchard continues his point:

“Do you know why? Because somehow they think leadership is all about having a position or title; therefore, leadership is something that is limited to only a few people – often top managers such as CEOs or presidents.”

True leaders do not need a title to be a leader. They lead in every area of their lives regardless of title or ‘position.’ Leadership is all about influence. Leaders influence the thinking, behavior, development and results of people. Exactly the kind of people you need to take your organization to the next level!


Colleen Barrett, President Emeritus of highly unique and successful Southwest Airlines, writes in her recently published book entitled Lead with LUV: A Different Way to Create Real Success:

“We try to hire leaders, no matter what role we want them to fill.”

Barrett describes the leadership culture and many of the leadership philosophies, strategies and techniques that have made Southwest Airlines so unique, so successful, and so profitable over the past 39 years. Barrett is crystal clear that her success and the success of Southwest Airlines is overwhelmingly a direct result of great people. Great people who are positive leaders regardless of their ‘position’ or ‘title.’  Great people who lead from the bottom to the top and throughout the entire organization!

Leadership is a way of life. Positive leadership is a very successful way of life. Positive leaders at every level and in every position within your healthcare organization will result in more effectively achieving your mission, as well as a sustainable competitive advantage during good times and tough times.

Hire leaders at every level and for every position. Support, encourage and reward them within a culture of excellence. Allow and expect these leaders, at every level and in every position, to learn, grow and lead.

They will take you to a bright, prosperous and healthy future!

Hire leaders… regardless of the position you are filling!

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