Nielsen — Life-Changing Leadership Principles, Values and Actions

It is my honor to highly recommend a newly published book entitled Lead with LUV: A Different Way to Create Real Success. For those leaders who truly desire to improve their personal, professional and organizational leadership skills and results… and to truly make a huge difference by serving others, this book is pure gold!   


This excellent leadership book could not be more relevant to healthcare leadership! And, there is no way to argue with or discount the real, remarkable, measurable results that come directly from the leadership philosophy, approach and actions recommended in this book … results such as 38 years of unprecedented success, and 38 consecutive years of profitability.

If I was still the CEO of a hospital (or healthcare organization of any kind), I would ask each and every leader within our organization… and by the way, everyone is a leader… to carefully read and study this book. I would also ask that every leader thoughtfully reflect on the leadership principles and results described in the book, as compared to the day-to-day leadership values, actions and results within our organization … at every level within our organization.

I would then see that every leader (meaning every person) within our organization participated in at least one meaningful, in-depth discussion regarding what the authors of this book practice and recommend as compared to our day-to-day leadership values, actions and results. All senior leadership would be highly engaged in the entire process. No exceptions! We would identify areas where improvement is needed and go about making changes and documenting improvements.

Those who refused to be enthusiastically engaged and those who did not fully support the entire effort, either by word or deed, would be asked to find employment elsewhere… not within the next few months, but immediately. With respect and dignity, these people would be told that they made their choice of employment when they made their choice regarding leadership values, principles, actions and results.

This book describes proven, positive, life-changing leadership principles, values and actions.  Some will blow it off because it is all about loving and serving others rather than self-centered, self-serving leadership. Others will blow it off because they won’t accept the huge, positive, virtually unstoppable force of combining an honest love for others, serving others and having loads and loads of fun in the process.

This is an excellent book! Read it, study it, use it to improve your leadership skills, results and impact, and to help those you serve to improve their leadership skills, results and impact… for the benefit of all.

Stay turned.  There will be more on Lead with LUV: A Different Way to Create Real Success next week.

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Founder, National Institute for Healthcare Leadership

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  1. Dan,
    Just happened to read your blog and here is why I will order the book today: As former CEO of a mid-size company on the Supplier side, I have turned around and grown businesses small to large, ranging from 60 to 1600 people and I can really echo your observations and comments. I hear the phrase often: “our people are our most important asset”, but most companies fail to even see HR as a business partner. Teams that totally ‘get it’ are using Topgrading (another great book)to clearly identify talent, are caring enough to on-board, caring enough to nurture and develop talent. The key concept here being ‘care’. With this fundamental belief as a backdrop, I look forward to reading Lead with LUV.
    Thanks for your recommendation.

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