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This article is written from the perspective of 15 years as a hospital CEO and over 20 additional years in the healthcare education and networking business on a national basis. There is no question that most healthcare leaders fall into the dangerous trap of limiting too much of their formal and informal continuing education to “healthcare focused magazines, books, meetings and other healthcare events.”

Healthcare leaders are not alone. This very common mistake is made by many leaders in every sector of our economy and society. With almost limitless 24/7 demands on the time and attention of leaders, it is understandable that without specific focus and intent, virtually every leader can and probably will fall into this unhealthy and career limiting trap.

A broader perspective is not only healthy for all concerned; it is necessary in order to achieve your full potential … on a personal, professional and organizational level.

Harvard Business Review (HBR) recently announced the availability of The Business Fundamentals Series. HBR states, “This collection will equip you with the experts’ view of 13 key management topics.  It offers exclusive material developed from recent ‘background notes’ written by Harvard Business School professors for their MBA and Executive Education courses.  The Business Fundamental Series provides:

  • Indispensable business skills for new managers and veteran executives alike
  • The experts’ view of 13 key management topics – right at your fingertips
  • Best practice principles in the area of competitive strategy, negotiation, HR management and much more.”


The price of this entire series is considerably less than what most senior leaders spend for registration for just one continuing education meeting or event when factoring in travel, out-of-pocket expenses and time away from the office. With discipline, focus and time invested wherever you work, the potential ROI, which of course is up to you, can be nothing less than outstanding!

Be sure you are not inappropriately insulating your personal and professional development and thereby limiting your potential. There is much to learn and much value available “outside your internal focus.”


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