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Healthcare Supply Chain Radio is brought to you by The Journal of Healthcare Contracting.

Join us each week as Publisher John Pritchard is joined by a thought leader from the US Healthcare Supply Chain.

Supply Chain Radio will explore progressive tactics, models and collaborations seen in today’s Healthcare Supply Chain.

You can expect to hear from leaders from our nation’s most progressive;

  • IDNs
  • Hospitals
  • GPOs
  • Distributors
  • Regional Collaboratives
  • Policy makers
  • Academics

The stakes have never been larger and the consequences more dire. It’s time we all connect, share and learn from each other.

Recent Episodes (View All Episodes)

Date Description
9/20/2017 Steve Kiewiet Listen
6/19/2017 Timothy Nedley Listen
6/01/2017 Randy Hayas Listen
3/22/2017 Mark Cartwright Listen
3/1/2017 Eric O’Daffer Listen
2/7/2017 Matt Rowan Listen
12/14/2016 Jamie Kowalski Listen
12/07/2016 John Strong Listen
11/16/2016 Todd Ebert Listen
11/09/2016 Rand Ballard Listen
10/24/2016 Gary Fennessy Listen
09/28/2016 Dennis Orthman Listen
09/21/2016 Matt Palcich Listen
09/14/2016 Brent Petty Listen
09/07/2016 Dr. Eugene Schneller Listen


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The Journal of Healthcare Contracting is the only publication that is solely devoted to the contracting arena of healthcare. It focuses on the interactions of the four primary stakeholders in healthcare contracting: health systems and their facilities, manufacturers and suppliers, distributors and group purchasing organizations. The participants in the contracting arena will grow to rely on The Journal of Healthcare Contracting for industry understanding, insight into the minds of thought leaders and collaboration opportunities amongst contracting constituents.