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People Driven

We are in the throws of a national revolution as we transition away from a fee-for-service based payment model to adding a value equation to the way care is paid for. The Supreme Court has ruled and upheld the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and ACOs are preparing to provide care based not just on cost but also quality of outcomes and patient experience.

Every year we produce an issue with the Ten People to Watch, and it is far and away my favorite issue. We chat with the best and the brightest and ask them what’s working well, what they need from suppliers and where our industry is going. Similar to previous years, many of the People to Watch found the implementation and use of new and advancing technologies to be critical to some of the most rewarding projects they have recently completed. It’s always great to hear success stories of the deployment of technology that helps our Supply Chain Leaders advance the cause of strategic sourcing.

However, technology is just one component. I believe the key factor if we as a nation are to survive and thrive through this revolution will be people. It might seem obvious, but without the right people that are passionate, honest and correctly incentivized in place, we don’t have a chance. I think this issue of The Journal of Healthcare Contracting will give you great hope that we do!

No matter how well a law is written, or how well software is developed, neither can provide trade partners with Trust and Understanding. Trust and Understanding can only be developed between great people. In this issue, we show you ten that I am betting on will survive and thrive this revolution.

Thanks for reading this issue of The Journal of Healthcare Contracting!

John Pritchard

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John Pritchard

John Pritchard is the publisher of The Journal of Healthcare Contracting.