Publisher’s Letter February 2011

What’s at Stake

2011 will prove to be a dynamic year in the healthcare supply chain. I’d venture to say never has our industry stared directly into the face of so many material changes on the near horizon.

All of us at the Journal of Healthcare Contracting are excited to keep you informed on how industry stakeholders and best-in-class institutions are dealing with this change.

In 2011, we are going to explore in great detail the following key topics:

Accountable Care Organizations. As our nation’s hospitals and health systems prepare for bundle payments, many executives believe revenue is at its highest point. How will a post reform reimbursement model affect the supply chain? How will it influence contracting strategies? What are the unintended consequences of reform on the supply chain?

Physician engagement. Why is it so essential in a post healthcare-reform world? What are the challenges facing contracting executives as they seek to work with physicians to achieve cost effective healthcare? How are successful IDNs meeting these challenges?

Supplier engagement. It’s no secret that trust can be a rare commodity in the buyer/seller relationship. That being the case, contracting executives question whether and how they can work with their suppliers to improve efficiencies and outcomes.

The non-hospital challenge. It’s a fact of life that contracting executives already have been – or soon will be – called on to be supply chain leaders for professionals in non-hospital locations. Which of their existing skills and experiences can they bring to the table? What new skills must they master?

Ten People to Watch in Healthcare Contracting and Contracting Professional of the Year. The best ideas often come from peers, as these two JHC features illustrate. This year, JHC will also introduce a Model of the Future award to a hospital or health system that truly embodies a leadership/ visionary position in the industry.

I wish you all the best in 2011 and thank you for reading this issue of the Journal of Healthcare Contracting.

About the Author

John Pritchard

John Pritchard is the publisher of The Journal of Healthcare Contracting.