Q&A with Premier, part 1

On its Group Purchasing Organizations LinkedIn page, JHC asked readers who they wanted to hear from in the GPO side of the industry, and what kinds of questions would they liked answered in a Q&A. The following are responses from Premier healthcare alliance. The following is Part 1. Join the LinkedIn page for the full interview.


JHC: What is the structured methodology for presenting a new device/product to Premier? Any further informal advice you’d give?

Premier: Suppliers should present devices/products to Premier by registering on our Web-site in the Supplier Portal.  As the category comes up to be sourced, Premier staff will contact you to discuss the process and your products.


If it’s a product that fits into an existing category in the middle of a contract cycle, a supplier can ask to have their product go through our Technology Breakthrough Program.  This program empanels a group of clinical subject matter experts to determine if the product in question is truly differentiated from the existing technologies already on contract.   Click here for information on the program.



JHC: How do you recommend a supplier approaches contracting with Premier, its Performance Groups and Owner/Members locally? Where should the best price/deal be offered?

Premier: If you’ve never worked with Premier you can register here. If you have any issues with registration, contact Kellie McNelis at Kellie_McNelis@PremierInc.com.


If a supplier is on contract with Premier and interested in working with one of our Performance Groups, we’re interested in hearing from you. We have specific resources dedicated to each of our Performance Groups – Reach out to your SVP or contract manager as they can steer you in the right direction.


We believe the most efficient approach for our members and suppliers is to contract one time at the national level, then anticipate/build out pricing scenarios to reflect our members’ needs and performance capabilities.




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