Quick Bytes May 2010

Editor’s Note: Technology is playing an increasing role in day-to-day business. The following profiles the latest developments in software and gadgets that supply chain execs can use for work and play.

iPhone app eliminates fax machine
Zosh, an iPhone app, allows mobile businesspeople to complete and execute important documents using only their finger and an iPhone. It is said to eliminate the need to find a fax machine to sign and return critical documents. The recipient forwards the document into the Zosh application, adds required text and even signature, then returns it. It is said to support PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and images. Zosh is available in the Apple iTunes Application Store for $2.99 per user.

Line2 app may make cellphone execs nervous
The Line2 iPhone app expands the capabilities of your iPhone and even your iPod Touch, according to a recent review in the New York Times. The app, from Toktumi, gives the iPhone a second phone number, complete with its own contacts list, voice mail and so on. Toktumi believes consumers will distribute the Line2 number to business contacts, and the regular iPhone number to friends and family. The app can also make and receive phone calls using either the AT&T airwaves or the Internet. Any time the consumer is in a wireless hot spot, Line2 places its calls over Wi-Fi instead of AT&T. It also runs on the iPod Touch. When the user is in a Wi-Fi hot spot, the Touch becomes a cellphone … without the individual owing AT&T a penny.

USB drive for the superparanoid
Times are tough; so’s the competition. If you’re worried, think about buying the Victorinox Secure, a new USB drive from Victorinox, maker of the Swiss Army Knife. The drive, which comes in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB sizes and sells for $75 to $270, is said to provide a variety of security measures, including fingerprint identification, a thermal sensor and even a self-destruct mechanism, according to PC World. Why a fingerprint scanner and a thermal sensor? So that a finger alone, when detached from the body, cannot access the memory stick’s contents. Now that’s secure. And, being a Swiss Army Knife, it also comes with an LED mini light, retractable ballpoint pen, blade, scissors, etc.