Intermountain Healthcare’s Brent Johnson to speak at Healthcare Supplier/Provider Institute Meeting

Brent Johnson, chief purchasing officer at Intermountain Healthcare (Salt Lake City UT), will speak at the upcoming April 9-10, 2012 meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada. Brent will join a panel of four speakers that will share their strategies, results and lessons learned from self-distribution. Presentations and comments will focus on the following questions:

• How did you decide to self-distribute? What measurements do you follow to ensure you made the right decision?
• What challenges/opportunities does self-distribution present when dealing with suppliers?
• What are the challenges/opportunities for self-distribution for your provider customers?
• If someone is considering self-distribution, what are the specific strategic questions they should address/consider?
• How important is it to maintain a relationship with the distributor as well as the manufacturer?

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For more information please contact Tom Middleton at 770-263-5252 or or Harla Adams at 817-842-2331 or

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