Former Senator Bill Frist, MD on The Future of Healthcare

I am attending the 2012 Healthcare Supply Chain EXPO in Orlando, Florida.  The meeting is co-hosted by the Healthcare Supply Chain Association and the Healthcare Industry Supply Chain Institute.


Thus far, the sessions have been excellent and highly relevant to healthcare leadership today and into the future.


If you have the opportunity to book or to attend a session presented by former U.S. Senate Majority Leader, Bill Frist, MD – do it!


Senator Frist’s presentation was relevant, interesting, inspirational, well prepared, and well presented. The Senator (a member of the influential Nashville-based Frist family who created Hospital Corporation of America) leads global healthcare initiatives all over the world in addition to supporting and investing in innovative healthcare companies.


Frist adamantly believes that the healthcare industry, as we know it today, will be radically and dramatically revolutionized within the next ten years.  Frist stated “The revolution will be consumer driven, powered and dominated by consumers, and enabled by unprecedented connectivity.”


This is not wishful thinking or a pie-in-the-sky prediction by someone with little knowledge or an ulterior motive.  This is an American and world healthcare leader who has the best-of-the-best access, research, and thinking at his disposal each and every day.  This is a highly experienced and wise leader who backs up his predictions and prognostications of the future with undeniable facts, science, and innovations – as well as personal, professional and organizational healthcare mega-trends.


Senator Bill Frist has world-class knowledge, experience and wisdom.


If you are a smart and wise healthcare leader, you will listen very closely when Senator Bill Frist speaks!


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