The Mirrors of Your Healthcare Organization

We are in a study and discussion of Gary Burnison’s recently published book titled, The Twelve Absolutes of LeadershipBurnison is CEO of Korn/Ferry International, the world’s largest executive search firm.


In the first chapter, Burnison makes a strong case that “leaders are mirrors for the entire organization.”  This statement, “leaders are mirrors for the entire organization,” would make an excellent topic for leadership discussion and improvement efforts throughout your entire organization!  Just a few critical questions for you and leaders throughout your organization might include:


  • What do our employees, associates and colleagues see when they watch and closely observe leaders throughout our organization?


  • What specifically is reflecting back from our leaders – the ever present and always watched mirrors of our organization?


  • Are we – our organization’s mirrors – reflecting optimism, competence, confidence and the stated values of our organization – or are we reflecting something else?


  • How  can we improve what we are and what we reflect throughout our organization?


Burnison is absolutely correct when he writes:


“Leaders are mirrors for the entire organization.  If they are down, the organization will follow.  If they reflect brightness, the organization will shine.  Leadership is making certain that after every conversation with an employee, the person feels better, more capable, and more willing to stretch than before the conversation began.”


Excellent advice from the CEO of the world’s largest executive search firm!


Burnison serves and interacts daily with the world’s largest and most successful companies, and many of the world’s most successful executives.  When Burnison talks and writes, you should listen, read and learn!


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