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Value analysis has a 35-year history of saving money in healthcare, but it has gained even more importance, credibility and momentum now that The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has been signed into law.  This is because saving money (and making it stick) is now mission critical for any and all healthcare organizations’ fiscal fitness and survival.


The only downside to value analysis is keeping track of all the moving parts (people, projects and performance), especially now that some healthcare organizations have six to 10 active value analysis teams with a 100 or more team members.  You can just imagine how these team dynamics can quickly become a formidable task to measure, manage and control such diverse and complex processes.


SVAH has released this “no cost” video training series


SVAH used our decades of research, experience and client tested ideas to develop this video series of what works and doesn’t work in value analysis, which I will reveal to you in this video series.


In our research we were surprised to learn that most hospitals, systems and IDNS are still using spreadsheets, list servers and databases to manage their  value analysis teams’ activities, which, in my opinion, is actually holding back dramatic advances in all value analysis teams’ productivity and performance. we will share with you in this video series why we believe this practice is counterproductive.

The problem, however, is that value analysis leaders have been conditioned to doing the same things, in the same ways for many, many, years. Now is the right time, while the seas are still calm and steady, to streamline and reinvent what you have been doing before the “perfect storm” hits your healthcare organization in the very near future.


This video series explains how you can avoid getting trapped in the past and actually become better than just good with your value analysis program with just a few changes on how you do business. Visit for more information.

— By Robert T. Yokl, Chief Value Strategist, Strategic Value Analysis in Healthcare


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Strategic Value Analysis® in Healthcare, a division of The HCP Group, Ltd, headquartered in Skippack, Pennsylvania, was founded in 1987 to assist healthcare organizations to more successfully manage and control their supply/value chain cost (and gives them advanced strategies, tactics, tools and techniques), so they can attain 5% to 15% more savings than they are achieving now. And hold those gains going forward!  Over the last few years, SVAH has helped save over $337 MILLION DOLLARS for hospitals, healthcare systems and integrated delivery networks with our Value-Based Solutions. Your Healthcare organization could experience the same results.  I guarantee it!


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