Walking Toward Wisdom

We are in a series discussing and learning from the recently published book titled Great Leaders Grow: Becoming a Leader for Life. The book, authored by Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller, is available wherever best selling books are sold. The book is directly applicable to any person who desires to become a more effective healthcare leader. For your convenience, the previous eight articles in this series can be found at: http://healthcareleadership.dannielsencompany.com/


Blake and his mentor, Debbie, meet to discuss the last of the four areas in which leaders need to GROW. Debbie adds the “W” to the acronym they’ve been discussing for the past several weeks:


“To be a great leader, you must…

  • Gain Knowledge
  • Reach Out to Others
  • Open Your World
  • Walk toward Wisdom”


After Debbie reveals this last critical area of growth, “Walk toward Wisdom,” Blake notes, “That sounds deep and almost presumptuous. Can I – or any leader – actually influence our growth in wisdom?”


“Absolutely,” Debbie says, then offers a definition of wisdom:


“Wisdom is different from knowledge. It’s deeper than mere knowledge. It’s the application of knowledge, discernment, insight, experience, and judgment to make good decisions when the answer may not be obvious.”


Debbie goes on to explain, “The ability to do that is not automatic. There’s an ancient proverb that challenges us to pursue wisdom. That’s what the best leaders do.”


When Blake asks, “So how do you pursue wisdom?” Debbie explains that there is no formula for growth in wisdom, but that it almost always includes at least one of four elements:


  • Rigorous self-evaluation
  • Honest feedback
  • Counsel from others
  • Time


After explaining each of these elements of growth in wisdom, Debbie concludes,


“Wisdom is accumulated over months, years, and decades. You’ve got to stay with it. The pursuit of wisdom, like the other areas of growth, is never-ending. Don’t try to rush it – and never stop seeking it. If you’ll do the things we’ve discussed, over time, you will grow in wisdom.”



How about you, are you committed to GROW as a leader? If so, don’t miss the chance to learn from and leverage the insights in this powerful little book!


Without a doubt, committing to Gaining Knowledge, Reaching Out to Others, Opening Your World, and Walking toward Wisdom throughout your life will take time and effort, but the incredible growth and ROI will be worth every minute!



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