Your most important accomplishment?

Joel Allison, President and CEO of Baylor Health Care System based in Dallas, Texas, had an immediate and sincere response to a question I asked him during a recent in-depth interview.


The question was, “What do you consider to be your most important accomplishment during your 12 years as President and CEO of Baylor?”


Allison’s response was truly inspiring:


“Oh, it’s not anything I’ve done, it’s really been a team effort. It’s the Baylor team. It’s what they’ve done in their commitment to patient care, to quality. It’s nothing I’ve done. I am blessed with a great team. They’re all motivated. They’re smarter than I am. They’re bright and they care. My main thing is to stay out of the way and let them do what they do best. They have a passion for what they do and it’s a true team effort.”


Think about the immediate, drastic and positive changes we would see throughout America’s healthcare system and culture if all healthcare leaders truly led and lived by the leadership style and philosophy of Joel Allison!


Without exception, every healthcare worker, professional, clinician and leader in America has a great desire to be sincerely recognized, appreciated, complemented and inspired to make a greater contribution. Every human being on the planet has a great desire to be sincerely recognized, appreciated, complemented and valued!


People will climb the highest mountains, swim the swiftest rivers, cross the most treacherous deserts, and tackle the most challenging problems and opportunities if they are truly and sincerely recognized, appreciated and inspired.


I encourage you to carefully examine your own leadership style and philosophy.  Not just what you say, but more importantly, what you do and live as you lead!


In 2013, as in every other year in history, actions speak louder than words. Do your actions and leadership consistently convey the following?



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