Abbott introduces Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor in Europe

September 17, 2020  –  Abbott (Abbott Park, IL) has introduced the Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor, the world’s first glucose sport biosensor. The device is designed for athletes to continuously measure glucose to better understand the correlation between their glucose levels and their athletic performance.

The Libre Sense biosensor is based on Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre continuous glucose monitoring technology, which was originally developed for people living with diabetes. Based on that technology, this is the first personal-use product that allows for use beyond diabetes.

Abbott’s Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor, with CE Mark, is a consumer over-the-counter product that provides glucose monitoring via a mobile app to athletes (ages 16 years and older) performing sports such as cycling, running, and swimming, to understand the efficacy of their nutrition choices on training and competition.

To obtain glucose readings from Abbott’s Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor, athletes will wear the small round biosensor on the back of their upper arm. The biosensor will provide real-time glucose values and can be worn for up to 14 days. The user will automatically receive streaming glucose data, via Bluetooth wireless technology, every minute via compatible mobile apps and wrist readers.

Abbott’s first non-exclusive collaboration is with Supersapiens, an Atlanta-based sports technology company that is focused on improving athletic performance.

Abbott’s Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor will be available in the coming weeks directly through the Supersapiens website. The product will initially be made available across eight European countries: Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the UK.

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