BD launches next-gen microbiology solution for liquid, non-liquid sample processing

July 28, 2020 – BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) (Franklin Lakes, NJ) announced it has received CE mark approval for the new BD Kiestra InoqulA system powered by BD Synapsys informatics solution.

The BD Kiestra InoqulA is available as a standalone instrument for microbiology labs. The company says the device is “a high throughput solution that offers enhanced workflow flexibility allowing the user to seamlessly switch between two modes to process liquid and non-liquid samples, enabling on demand processing of urgent samples and continuous loading and unloading of samples and plates during operation, minimizing interruptions to workflow.”

The BD Kiestra InoqulA supports complete traceability of plates through automatically generated barcodes. The system uses unique rolling-bead technology to generate more discrete colonies than traditional manual loop-based streaking. The BD Synapsys informatics solution, via custom reports, allows users to easily view several workflow enhancements such as offline inoculation, simplified batch ordering processes, and custom culture protocols.

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