Building healthier markets and tackling shortages of safety IV catheters 

January 23, 2023 – According their latest blog, Premier has partnered with Medsource to launch a new line of high-quality safety IV catheters to ensure continuous supply of one of the most used medical products on the market.  

Safety IV catheters are used to access the peripheral vascular system to administer treatments, including intravenous fluids, drugs or blood transfusions. Raw materials availability (plastics and resins) coupled with ongoing global disruptions have exacerbated recent supply and inflationary pressures for safety IV catheters and an array of other products vital to patient care. 

Shortages in many categories also have an outsized impact as a result of two or fewer manufacturers producing these products. For example, PINC AI™ data shows two primary suppliers comprise the overwhelming majority of market share for safety IV catheters, with limited equivalents for >60% of product types within the category. 

Since May 2022, PINC AI™ data shows that safety IV catheters have experienced ongoing shortages across all primary suppliers. 

PremierPro™ branded ClearSafe Comfort® Safety IV Catheters by Medsource are available both through S2S Global and Premier’s AscenDrive™ program for participating members, which is designed to drive the highest-level commitment and savings for members through aggregated purchasing of high-quality products and services. S2S Global will seek to provide safety IV catheters across all designs to match clinical preference and provide for both patient and clinician safety. The initial line of products has launched, and S2S Global remains committed to complete a comprehensive portfolio of safety IV catheters to meet the clinical needs of our members. 

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