Colorado activates crisis standards of care due to staffing shortages

November 10, 2021  –  Yesterday, the state of Colorado reactivated crisis standards of care for staffing of healthcare systems throughout the state. The state said it was activating these guidelines specifically for staffing.

To help preserve hospital capacity, Governor Jared Polis issued an executive order that authorizes CDPHE (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment) to direct overwhelmed facilities to transfer patients to prevent overwhelming the capacity of a facility and its staff. Hospitals can transfer patients that aren’t COVID-19 patients if that helps address capacity needs.

“We want to be sure Coloradans know they can and should continue to access necessary healthcare. If you’re sick and need care, please go get it,” said Dr. Eric France, Chief Medical Officer. “Activating staffing crisis standards of care allows health care systems to maximize the care they can provide in their communities with the staff they have available.”

The state is not at this time activating crisis standards of care for emergency medical services, crisis standards of care for hospital and acute care facilities, crisis standards of care for out of hospital care providers, crisis standards of care for specialty patient populations, or crisis standards of care for personal protective equipment.

The state did not say how long the crisis standards would be in place.

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