Coronavirus News – May 8

CDC, Trump administration differ on reopening plans

The CDC guidance for reopening includes sections for childcare programs, schools and day camps, churches and other communities of faith, employers with vulnerable workers, restaurants and bars, and mass transit administrators. It recommends using disposable dishes and utensils at restaurants, closing every other row of seats in buses and subways while restricting routes among areas experiencing different levels of infection, and separating children at school and camps into groups that should not mix throughout the day.

But White House and other administration officials rejected the recommendations saying they were overly prescriptive, infringed on religious rights and risked further damaging the country’s economy. The CDC said the guidance was still under discussion with the White House and a revised version could be published soon. Read more.

Most people carry antibodies after recovery from the new coronavirus, study shows

Researchers for a new study at Mount Sinai have tested 624 people who had tested positive for the new coronavirus and had recovered. All but three had at least some antibodies when tested and retested more than one week later. There was a difference in levels of antibodies depending upon when someone was tested – even between 20 days and 24 days after symptoms onset. Read more.

Study finds coronavirus could be sexually transmitted by recovering patients

A new study from China’s Shangqiu municipal hospital has found that the new coronavirus could be transmitted through sexual intercourse. Doctors studied 38 men and found SARS-CoV-2 in some of their semen. However, the study was based on a small sample size and more work needs to be done on it. The research was published this week on the international peer-reviewed general medical journal JAMA Network. Read more.

Georgia governor urges all Georgians to be tested

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp urged all Georgians to schedule an appointment for coronavirus screening regardless of whether they have symptoms, as the state expands testing for the virus. He said the capacity for testing now outpaces the demand in the state. “Nobody was prepared for this widespread testing like we’re doing. Thankfully, we’ve ramped up our sampling with 66 testing sites around the state, so we are pushing our labs,” said Gov. Kemp. “We wanted to increase our testing, and now we’re working on increasing our lab capacity.” Read more.

Pennsylvania extends stay-home order as formality, some counties reopening

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf has extended the state’s coronavirus stay-at-home order until June 4. However, 24 counties in the state will move into a phase of reopening Friday. For the remaining state’s remaining counties, only life-sustaining travel is allowed, face coverings must be worn to enter any life-sustaining business, and large gatherings are not permitted while social distancing is required. But the 24 counties moving into reopening allow for gatherings of up to 25 people, while childcare centers and some other businesses that were previously closed can reopen. Read more.