Daria Byrne

Vice President, Clinical and MedSurg Solutions Consulting
Overland Park, Kansas

Comments from nominator Julius Heil, president and CEO, Intalere:

“Daria Byrne leads Intalere in the development and implementation of sales strategies to extend consulting services within the clinical and medical surgical realm to healthcare providers throughout the United States. She has extensive clinical, informatics, value analysis, leadership and educational experience in conceptualizing, developing and implementing key strategies in improving operations, and analyzing processes and healthcare trends. She is a member of the American Nursing Informatics Association, National League for Nursing and Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society. She is an International Review Peer Panel Member for Nurse Education in Practice, a sought-after speaker and contributing author for a multitude of published articles on nursing best practices. She also received the Distinguished Faculty Award from Excelsior College in 2017.”

Intalere at a glance: St. Louis-based GPO, substantially owned by Intermountain, servicing 3,800 acute care hospitals; almost 43,000 clinics; more than 13,000 long-term-care hospitals; 3,750 ambulatory surgery centers, and more.

  • Year joined Intalere: 2018
  • Born/raised: Overland Park, Kansas
  • Degrees: Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing from the University of Central Missouri. Doctorate degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a focus on Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis
  • First “real” job: Circulating nurse at a non-profit county medical center working in the operating room, gastroenterology and endoscopy lab.

Some prior work highlights:

  1. My bedside nursing career culminated as a night shift house supervisor for a non-profit health system. I represented the organizational leadership across disciplines and made decisions on behalf of the nursing leadership team. Served as a mentor to novice nurses, and assisted tenured, experienced clinicians run rapid response and code blue events.
  2. Served as the lead consultant on a greenfield project. The team scrutinized the healthcare market to identify areas of opportunity and, from an idea list of more than 200, narrowed down the opportunities. The No. 1 opportunity leveraged evolving interoperability standards (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, or FHIR) and focused on the early detection of acute kidney injury (AKI), a serious, yet detectable condition.
  3. At Intalere, I am a member of a team of healthcare professionals who believe that the healthcare industry needs to transform to meet the needs of patients, not the other way around. My position at Intalere may be the highlight of my professional career, as through supply chain, I am able to impact the daily lives of clinicians, healthcare team members, and most important, the patients we serve.

Key mentor or event in your life: I have had several mentors who have played a key role in my professional development, however one specific leader – Meredith Cage, my senior vice president at PeraHealth – comes to mind immediately. She showed immense interest in my career development and in me as a person. She was vested in my professional satisfaction and career growth. She recognized the value I brought to the organization, yet was more interested in empowering me as a professional than treating me as a subordinate. She instilled a people-first philosophy in me, regardless of the scenario. I will forever be indebted to her.