December 2011 Issue

Editor’s Note

A Teachable Moment
Instructing young doctors on how to practice cost-conscious medicine

Supplier Diversity
New programs benefit community and motivate providers to drive quality of care.

The new face of value analysis
Baseball has sabermetrics. The healthcare supply chain has value analysis.

Quid Pro Quo
Engaged affiliates benefit IDNs and RPCs, and vice versa

Healthcare’s new demand model
Time for providers and suppliers to find out what the market really wants

How to Win
There’s too much of everything, including world-class logistics. How well you
anticipate and respond to your customers’ demands will be the differentiating
factors, according to the authors of How Companies Win.

View from Washington


Mark McKenna: The Real Deal
When you were around Mark McKenna, you wanted to be better

Contracting News

Observation Deck