Emails, chatbots and AI

By Grumpy Old Supply Chain Professional

Last year, my inbox was inundated with emails about how all my problems would be solved with blockchain. This year, I am hearing how a chatbot and AI will be the solution to all my problems. It is amazing how quickly it has gone from ignoring one thing in my inbox to ignoring another thing in my inbox.

The idea that all of this is the solution to my basic need of stocking the shelves and that I will pay you hundreds of thousands if not millions to implement your “solution” is so funny I almost smiled. Almost.

Are you people even paying attention to the state of healthcare? Stop trying to back your solution into our problems. It’s not my problem that you have to repay all that venture capital money. Slow your roll and do a better job of understanding this industry and the pace to change. Sssslllooowwww.

And stop assuming everyone understands the words coming out of your marketing… these kids today, sheesh. Just because a phrase or topic has become popular – seemingly overnight – does not mean I have interest in it or need you to explain it or solve it for me. If I am interested, I will go find my own information and do my own research. If I think your company may offer something I am interested in, I will contact you. You have a much better chance of piquing my interest, given my limited attention span, through conferences and other forms of media. But only conferences where they don’t keep those rooms too cold or too hot or too loud or it’s not too hard to hear.

And while we are talking about mailboxes – I think we were talking about them earlier… I can’t remember…. If I don’t respond, sending me 10 more messages with the line of “wanted to get this to the top of your email box” or “I know how busy you are…” or “if you are not the right person…”  STOP IT!!! 

When it comes to emails and other contacts, given the state of concern related to cybersecurity, if I don’t know you, I am not going to answer you. I am not going to click on a document and certainly not a link. No pity, nope, nope, nope. Not doing that again…. I really thought that prince needed my help.

And don’t send me random requests to connect. It is not going to work. I don’t judge myself by the number of friends or likes I get. So, STOP IT!! While I’m grumpy and old, I know when I’m being mass contacted.

And finally, remember to STAY OFF MY LAWN!

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