Encompass Group launches COVAIRE Clear Barrier Drape to protect providers from COVID-19 spread during aerosol-generating procedures

December 3, 2020  –  Encompass Group, LLC announced the COVAIRE clear barrier drape, a new product that helps contain viral aerosols using a clear plastic disposable barrier.

“For healthcare providers, the single-use COVAIRE is the only PPE that is specifically designed to be the most simple and effective additional barrier to further protect providers from pathogen exposure – including COVID-19 – during and after aerosol-generating procedures, such as intubation and extubation, offering a new element to strengthen the essential PPE protocol,” the company says.

COVAIRE is made of a clear, medical grade film that is comfortable, and lightweight, and is specially designed to fit on even bariatric patients and not move during use. A curved opening on each side allows the provider to insert their arms for a full range of movement without restriction when operating an apparatus, intubating, or extubating. Once a procedure is complete, COVAIRE folds up, aerosolized viral particles are contained in the drape and the product can be easily and safely disposed of.

The company says that COVAIRE’s cost-effective, small individual package size allows it to be stored in quantity for easy access in code, respiratory, and anesthesia carts. It can be used in all patient care areas: OR, ICU, ED, In-patient, Outpatient, and Cardiology.

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