Essity Cutimed Sorbact advanced wound care products receive Innovative Technology contract From Vizient, Inc.

March 2, 2021  –  Essity (Stockholm, Sweden) announced its Cutimed Sorbact received a 2021 Innovative Technology contract from Vizient, Inc. (Irving, TX).

The company says that Cutime Sorbact “redefines infection management with a physical mode of action, helping to promote  wound healing and in some cases, helping to reduce the risk of generating resistant strains of bacteria.”

Hydrophobic bacteria and fungi are attracted to the Sorbact mesh which is applied directly to the wound, and bound pathogens are removed with each dressing change with an average bacterial load reduction of up to a 73.1% in critically colonized wounds. Sorbact binds and lifts away pathogens, rather than killing them, ensuring no endotoxins are released which could impair recovery, the company says.

Vizient members can access the innovative Cutimed Sorbact advanced wound care product line with preferred pricing and terms through Vizient.

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