Health o meter Professional Scales launches antimicrobial high-resolution digital neonatal/pediatric tray scale

November 2, 2021 – The 2210KL-AM neonatal/pediatric scale was designed for use in the NICU, nursery, delivery room, and pediatric practices, where a high degree of accuracy is critical to the smallest of patients. The scale gives providers and patients safety with an Antimicrobial body, tray, handles, and keypad.

The smooth-edged removable tray has a patent-pending mounting system that eliminates breakage, making it easy to clean. Other features include a built-in measuring tape and a backlit display, making reading a patient’s weight easier at almost any angle and light.

The scale is incredibly accurate with a market-leading 1 gram resolution of up to 10 kilograms, while most competitive scales only have a 1 gram resolution of up to 1 kilogram. The 2210KL-AM’s user-friendly digital interface includes EMR connectivity, breast milk intake, weight hold, hold/release, reweigh, recall, Everlock, and much more. The scale’s motion detection gives it the ability to weigh accurately despite the movement of the patient. The 2210KL-AM also includes an option for a four-sided antimicrobial tray and Pelstar wireless technology.

The new 2210KL-AM is available for purchase exclusively through Health o meter Professional Scales authorized distributors and is also eligible for a ScaleSurance extended warranty.

To view the new scale, visit or for more info, call 1-800-815-6615.