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Focusing on Proactive Improvement

As a healthcare leader, you understand the critical importance of improvement. In all aspects of the healthcare industry, you’re always seeking improvement, whether it be more efficient methods, greater financial margins, better quality of care, or simply the daily forward progress of an individual patient’s health concern. Improvement makes the healthcare world go round.

Hand in hand with improvement is preparation. Just as preventative care has a multitude of advantages over reactive care, being proactive in addressing areas of improvement is so much better than trying to play “catch up.”

As a lifelong learner and ardent believer in the power and importance of leadership excellence, I know that taking proactive steps to continuously learn and improve in the area of leadership is critical! I also know that proactively identifying and developing your leadership strengths is far more effective than reactively focusing on and trying to fix your weaknesses.

It was with that concept in mind that I undertook the writing of my newly released book, Presidential Leadership: Learning from United States Presidential Libraries & Museums. In this book I highlight 47 key leadership strengths demonstrated by some of the world’s most powerful and influential leaders – Presidents of the United States.

As I explain in the Call to Action in the back of the book, the key to leadership improvement is identifying and leveraging your own strengths. Don’t fixate on your weaknesses. Instead, focus on developing your strengths – I guarantee, you’ll achieve much greater results!
No doubt each President of the United States had many weaknesses. But despite those flaws, they attained and led from the highest leadership position in America. They did so not by focusing on and trying to ‘fix’ their weaknesses, but instead by acknowledging their strengths and building upon them. As a healthcare leader, so should you!

Focus on improvement. Be proactive, not reactive. Learn from the leadership of highly successful leaders, like the U.S. Presidents, and begin identifying your own leadership strengths. By leveraging those strengths, I guarantee you’ll achieve greater success!

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