Healthcare Leadership: Align Your Career with Your Passion

In a recent interview featured on America’s Healthcare Leaders, Mike Williams offered some excellent advice for students pursuing their administrative residencies, as well as for individuals early in their careers.  He discussed what he considers to be one of the most essential keys to finding success in your professional career, and touched on a particular issue that can be a hindrance to many young leaders:


My frustration is that so many young graduates are taken by the dazzle of the organization—its size, its location, the individuals and the notoriety that they might have within that organization, etc.—versus where are they truly called to serve.” – Mike Williams


Williams calls attention to this issue and expresses his desire for this to change. The temptation to follow the “dazzle” applies to individuals in many industries, and has a deep impact upon the job-satisfaction level people find within their careers. Contrary to public perception, a larger organization or more glamorous position does not necessarily mean greater fulfillment. The dazzle doesn’t matter if it doesn’t align with your passion.


It has been noted by many highly successful leaders, including Warren Buffet, that there is a critical correlation between passion and success:


“Find your passion. I was very, very lucky to find it when I was seven or eight years old… You’re lucky in life when you find it. And you can’t guarantee you’ll find it in your first job out. But I always tell college students… ‘Take the job you would take if you were independently wealthy. You’re going to do well at it.” – Warren Buffett


Too often we pick a career choice based on the “dazzle,” or financial gain and stability. While these are not inherently bad things to pursue, it is essential to stop and consider if your choice aligns with your passion. Williams urges young leaders to “think about what it is you want to accomplish in your career and what organization has a culture that will allow you to do that.”


By finding a career that aligns with your values and passion, you are establishing a firm road to success. When you are passionate about your job, you often work harder and more diligently. By aligning your career to your passion, you become personally involved in the outcome because your desires match the goals of the job you are performing. Your passion will also naturally inspire and invigorate others as you work alongside colleagues in your organization.


Whether you are a student, are just now starting your career, or have been on your career path for a while, I encourage you to stop and consider what drives you. Know what you are truly passionate about and follow it into your professional career.


Question: What are you truly passionate about and how does your career choice align?


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