High-tech Home Care

Home care

Catholic healthcare delivery system Trinity Health said it will test the efficacy of Internet and video technologies combined with home visits by secondary caregivers, to determine how the technologies may increase access to primary care physicians and advance people-centered care. Based in Livonia, Michigan, Trinity Health includes 93 hospitals as well as 120 continuing care programs, which include PACE, senior living facilities, and home care and hospice services.

The Internet technology from Glass Enterprise Edition is a very small computer with a transparent display that clips onto glasses or industry frames. It brings information into the secondary providers’ field of view so they don’t have to switch focus between what they are doing with their hands and the content they need to see to do their job, according to Trinity Health. The telehealth provider will be swyMed.

With the combination of Glass and swyMed, secondary providers should be able to do assessments of recently released and chronic care patients – in real time and in the patient’s home – without the burden of having to hold a video camera or a tablet, says Trinity Health.

Clinical simulation of the technologies was scheduled to begin in late summer at the Loyola University Health System in Maywood, Illinois.

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